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Drink Coffee, Save The Planet!

A tree for every cup of coffee you drink

Every cup of coffee we drink gives us good reason to be thankful for all that nature provides. But sometimes Mother Earth needs a helping hand! 

As a coffee company it’s our duty to take positive action on global issues concerning the environment. This is why, behind the scenes, we have empowered you to make a positive impact every time you visit Black Cab Coffee. 

Planting trees is one of the best things we can do to counteract climate change. Not only do trees reduce CO2 emissions, they provide habitat and support to sustain wildlife populations. Returning fertility to arid and desert land.

Drink Coffee to help plant trees

How does it work?

Since joining the Eden Reforestation Project through our partners at RWRD, we have been donating funds to the project for a tree to be planted for each stamp you collect at our coffee shop in Nine Elms.

You don’t spend a penny more for your coffee, we cover the costs! 

When you collect a stamp our donation covers more than just the planting. It provides the funds for future care such as weeding and guarding of the saplings.

The only thing you need to do is remember to collect your stamp using the RWRD app when you buy a coffee from us. We take care of the rest.  An added bonus is that for every 6 stamps you collect through RWRD at our Nine Elms coffee shop, we offer a free coffee. 

There couldn’t be an easier or more ‘RWRDing’ way to save the planet!

Let’s get some more trees planted, download the app now!

Drink Coffee to support The Eden Project

The Eden Project is an outstanding example of a development program. Their concept brings about both environmental restoration and social development.  So far the project is responsible for the planting of 333 million trees in 8 different countries. It’s not only about the trees, but also those who do the planting. Thousands of villagers otherwise living in complete poverty have gained a staggering 3 million days of employment. 

Drink coffee to Plant a tree

About the trees

The planting is sensitively managed so that only species native to the countries are used and none which could dominate growth to the detriment of existing fauna & flora. 

With tree types ranging from Annona Muricata (Soursop) to Xylocarpus Granatum (Cannonball Mangrove) via Leucaena Leucocephala (River Tamarind) and everything in between. 

We won’t pretend to know what all of these species are from their Latin names! but for the horticulturally-minded here is the complete list.

Tamarind Sprout
The first steps of a tamarind sprout starting its journey to becoming a tree as planted by the project in Nepal.

We hope this has inspired you to make a difference by downloading the app and joining us for some wonderful coffee in Battersea. See you soon!

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