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Every coffee blend we make combines the best elements of our single origin coffee beans into distinctive blends with their own personality. Roasting in small batches ensures your coffee is always as fresh as can be. You can select to buy whole coffee beans or choose a grind type for coffee to match your maker.

What is a coffee blend?

A coffee blend is a selection of single origin coffee beans which are combined to bring about a balanced or distinctive blend of coffee. For a coffee roaster it provides a further level of control (beyond roast level) for balancing coffee to taste. The roaster is able to adjust the cup profile to bring out, or tone down, the various qualities or each coffee bean by adding different beans into the mix. 

Why do we mix our coffee?

Traditionally, coffee blending could be used to hide or mask certain undesirable qualities of an inferior coffee bean, not at Black Cab Coffee! We choose all our Single Origin Coffee Beans because they are fantastic just as they are. The reason we blend our coffee beans together is that after years of refining the roasting process and blend ratios, the fusion has become more than the sum of the parts: beautifully balanced coffee with a unique and distinctive flavour, the likes of which you cannot find elsewhere.

Do we offer custom blends?

For b2b wholesale coffee beans we offer the opportunity to create your brand’s own custom blends. For enquiries message us

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