How We Make Our Coffee

Freshly Roasted in London. By a Londoner.

Our Roaster

Grey Roasts On A Geisen W6A Roaster Affectionately Called Bertha (We Love You Bertha…). 

We roast coffee on a weekly or half weekly basis to keep our beans fresh. We blend in store, keeping some coffees as single origin and always freshly grind for each drink. We roast for different preparations from espresso, cafetiere, syphon and V60 as well as blending and grinding any fresh coffee you want to take home with you on the day. 

Giesen make fantastic quality roasters, great to use and allow the roaster to adapt the roast to the bean with lots of control options. 

Our next step is to up our production and enable this by installing a start of the art ‘air cleaner’ and extraction system making the coffee even cleaner. 


Every roaster does things their own way and so there are lots of variations that happen in the coffee roasting process. Grey looks at the origin of the bean, the altitude at which it is grown, the density of the beans (measured using, like, maths innit) and the ambient temperature of the day. 

The process starts after the roaster has got nice and hot, ready to apply heat to the beans. We start the process with the ‘charge’ temperature, increase this to our target temperature and watch to see how the beans develop. 

Then, we reach first crack, the beans make a very satisfying popping sound and we start to look carefully and smell carefuylly for what the beans are doing. Then, when we have what we want , we discharge the beans into the cooling tray so they stop heating up. The cooling process is shown here, to the left in the funky video. 

Meet Grey

Here he is, looking all beardy on Brick Lane plying his coffee trade as barista. From the opening of the coffee shop Grey has been roasting for about 4 years now. He loves it, the challenges, the learning, the process and the peace and quiet of London at 4 am.

After years of practice (the never-ending learning curve of coffee roasting), he now puts out some pretty epic tasting coffees in the shop. 

We buy beans from merchants that put the ethics of fairness and quality foremost and funnily enough, this also equates to getting some of the finest coffees on the market. Thanks guys. 

Soon we’ll be looking to link up with some farmers direct so if you’re one of those looking here, get in touch with Grey and he’d love to talk coffee with you. 

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