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The Black Cab Coffee Co

Coffee was always something of an obsession for Grey. Trained as a barista after his university days finished, he left to become a teacher and a builder only to come full circle when the coffee addiction again reared its head. So in 2012 he embarked on building the first Black Cab Coffee wagon. Then, appearing on Brick Lane a year later the cabs have been growing ever since. Now we are moving on to Bricks and Mortar and aiming to create some of the best coffee shops in London.

At the same time, the obsession for coffee grew and a desire to understand the full spectrum of the process led him to learn about the art and science amalgam that is coffee roasting. Now in Battersea, located in bricks and mortar and roasting coffee from all over the world and aiming to create some of the best coffee shops in London. We have just scratched the surface of the dark art and his obsession grows with every fresh batch of roasted coffee.

We now have new obsessions in the form of delicious foods and cocktails, craft beers and creating party nights in London and beyond with our cabs and crew being the centrepieces at our locations where you can relax with friends, work, meet, chill, eat, learn about the coffee roasting process and carry on drinking and eating into the night with music and DJ’s, films and sporting events.

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The Founders

Black Cab Coffee was founded in 2012 by coffee lovers and entrepreneurs Graham Buck & Emmy Osman.

We were founded on a mission to put London Coffee Roasting and London Style on the international map of the coffee world and help London claim a space as a centre for great tasting, more responsible and exciting coffee, all the while, considering the farmers that grow it.

From the first Black Cab to the company’s site in Battersea, Black Cab is one of the best coffee roasteries in the UK.

‘When I roast, it’s like meditating: I find a peaceful time to engage with what I’m doing. Coffee Roasting and sourcing exciting varieties in a really responsible way means that people can see the journey of the coffee bean, how growing it can affect the flavour and knowing the efforts that are being made for your morning brew, completes a great process that can support communities both end of chain’. – Graham

We work with partners all over the world who actively engage community-based improvements. Our ethical trading principles ensure that our successes benefit the entire supply chain, benefit the consumer and give people an insight into the roots of their morning drink.