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The 5 Coolest Ways to Enjoy Coffee in Summer

As temperatures begin to soar, getting our caffeine fix from a piping hot cup of coffee loses some of the appeal. Not to worry! Here you will find 5 options which take the heat out to make you the coolest coffee drinker in town. 

1. Cold Brew Coffee

Let’s start with this little revelation for you. Coffee doesn’t actually have to be brewed with hot water! But before you go filling up your cafetiere with water straight from the tap (it’s not quite a simple as that) find our more in our our guide to making cold brew coffee.

Once made, you can actually enjoy your cold brew hot or cold but when the sun’s out we love it served over ice.

Cold Brew Coffee London
Cold Brew Coffee Served at Black Cab Coffee in Battersea

2. Affogato

There is surely only one thing better than ice cream on a hot summer’s day. What’s that you ask? The answer is simple: Ice Cream + Coffee = Affogato! 

It’s usually made with vanilla ice cream, but who’s up for experimenting? Chocolate? Banana? Anyone?

The combination of coffee and ice cream is pure magic. Sweet, soft, rich, cooling caffeine. Yes please, what more needs to be said?

3. Al Fresco

Perhaps you are a coffee purist. Someone to whom the very idea of cold (yet alone iced!) coffee is blasphemy. If you are of this ilk, well done for reading this far and here’s one for you. You can have your steaming hot coffee in the sun, but grab your best designer shades and sit out in the cooling breeze of a coffee shop garden or terrace. 

Black Cab Coffee Battersea
Al Fresco Coffee
Black Cab Coffee Bromley

Should you be looking to soak up some continental café vibes around London this Summer you can get the authentic Al Fresco experience either in the delightful riverside garden surroundings of Black Cab Coffee in Battersea or on the picturesque park-side terrace of Black Cab Coffee Bromley, The Glades.

4. Coffee Lemonade

You might have heard of coffee and tonic water, that was a thing right? Well, if you want to stay on trend this year you’ll need to be adding lemonade to your coffee. I must confess that this one I haven’t tried, but next time there’s a can of San Pelegrino Limonata in the fridge I will pour it into my espresso. Maybe.

5. Iced Latte

Let’s end this with an old familiar. Nothing too out there. This one is easy to find or make yourself.

Sweeten your espresso with sugar, maple syrup, agave, or your favourite sweetener. Pour the sweet coffee mix over a tall glass of ice and top up with milk. 

Slurp and enjoy, aaaah bliss! 

Iced Latte

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