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UPDATE: Since writing this article we have now opened! You can continue reading about our journey to Bromley, or visit the Bromley page here:

Bromley Coffee Shop, Kitchen & Bar coming soon...

Now, it comes to opening our second Black Cab Coffee in Bromley and my goodness, it’s a big one! A big challenge, a big opportunity and a big task. In fact, it feels like a monumental task right now. But, like everything else, we’ll take it one step at a time until we have found the right balance of quality coffee, cocktails, and brunch through to supper. Filling a gap in the local Bromley community and set to make a whole new group of friends and customers.

Our Journey To The Glades, Bromley

It’s been 5 years since we opened our first Black Cab Coffee shop in Nine Elms, London. That in itself has been quite the learning experience; growing, developing, making mistakes, making amazing progress and most importantly making really great friends that extend beyond being just our ‘customers’.

Nine Elms Coffee Shop
Black Cab Coffee Nine Elms

We love doing things with a personal touch, looking to make what we offer be the best that the local community wants. When we open at The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley is going to get all the elements we are known for and more.

What's in store for you?

Lifting The Glades to new culinary heights. The well-crafted and home-made brunch menu with our delicious in-house baking, fresh produce, dozens of poached eggs, scrambled eggs and fried eggs, smashed avos aplenty, adorned with little salads and pomegranates. If you want keto, we’ve got keto. You want sausages that self identify as a green salad so you can combine eating healthy whilst eating a sausage, you’ve got it bro…! 

Then there’s sandwiches made with our famous sourdough and sourdough focaccia, filled and grilled croissants, herby potato wedges, selections of cheeses like Gruyere, Strong Cheddar, Pecorino. Weekend specials like The Bottomless Brunch are set to hit the new location… Oh, and freaking great coffee too, roasted in small batches by a man with a big beard! 

Evening Meals in Bromley

We have our sights firmly set on being the place to go for eating out in Bromley.  The evening menu is going to be beefy, grilled and flame cooked. It’s going to be aged, grass fed and deliciously seasoned steak. It’s going to have sides made with butter, sides made with vegan cream, sides made with lashings of potato and bone marrow mash. That’s right, steak is coming to town, even down to an evening special with Cote de Boeuf cooked for you and a friend and to share with Béarnaise sauce and a decent bottle of red.

Steak in Bromley
Steak In Bromley, watch this space!

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