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5 unusual coffee drinks you won’t believe exist!

Peculiar coffee is the flavour of this month’s blog as it explores some of the more ‘out there’ coffee drink options, and while not all of them will be readily available at your local coffee shop, you will, however, be able to find some of them at Black Cab Coffee in Battersea.

1. Poop Coffee!

First up has to be one of the weirdest ideas not just in the world of coffee, but perhaps in all of the culinary world. Kopi lawak or civet coffee is sometimes known as ‘crap coffee’, because it is, in a literal sense, just that. Found on islands like Bali in Indonesia. The civet cat is fed coffee cherries, once pooped out the coffee beans are washed, dried, and roasted. What the dickens are people doing this for? You might well ask.

There are two explanations put forward by the coffee producers, one is that the civet cats choose only certain cherries to eat so we are getting only the coffee beans fit for a discerning cat. The other reason that comes up is that coffee cherries ferment while passing through the cat’s digestive tract. If this isn’t enough to put you off the coffee is said to be smoother and more refined. 

 Several years ago, on holiday in Bali I did actually visit a coffee plantation where they had civet cats. Although all the taste was pleasant-delicate, fruity, and without a whiff of where it had come from-I must say it wasn’t really a taste the difference improvement over the non-civet offerings they had at the coffee tasting. 

Black Cab Coffee loves animals and run a pet friendly cafe. Some businesses using civet cats to produce coffee are growing a reputation for animal mistreatment. If the poop aspect hasn’t put you off, concern for the welfare of cats is (sadly) reason enough to give this one a miss.

2. Butter Coffee (Bulletproof coffee)

Yes, butter comes from milk and we do put milk in coffee, but, seriously, is there a good reason to put butter in coffee?! Well maybe… Coffee as a health product can lead people, and coffee itself, down some interesting avenues, green coffee for slimming, enemas for wellbeing. While some of these practices should not be taken on without medical advice; bulletproof coffee is one coffee health craze which, as the name suggests (and unlike the others)-couldn’t possibly go wrong.

 Bulletproof coffee was designed for those following a ketogenic diet, i.e., low or zero carb diet. It is made by adding butter and MST oil from coconuts to enrich your morning coffee into nourishing treat. It is said to enhance the beneficial effects of coffee keeping you alert and staving off hunger throughout the first part of the day.

Find out more about Bulletproof Coffee on their official website:

Bulletproof Coffee Drinks

3. Mushroom Coffee

Possibly not for the taste, as a wellness trend mushroom coffee is gaining a decent following at the moment. We are not talking about adding champignons or field mushrooms into your cappuccino. It’s only certain mushrooms revered for their health giving properties like chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. These are dried, ground up and added to regular coffee. It’s also possible to add them to cacao for hot chocolate. 

Said to have an ‘earthy’ taste, as you might imagine, the health giving properties of the mushrooms are what makes this an appealing health boon. 

One immediate benefit for those who are caffeine sensitive is that mushroom coffee contains a lower amount compared to regular coffee. And though they might be light on caffeine, the mushrooms are reported to have similar effects on alertness. Plus, that’s without the nervous, foreboding, sense that some people, myself included, experience from overdoing one’s coffee consumption.

Mushrooms including Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps are becoming a popular wellness addition to coffee. However, these are shitake, which you probably shouldn’t add to your coffee! 

4. Espresso & Tonic

We love a good gin and tonic, but how about espresso and tonic for a refreshing alcohol-free summery coffee drink. The basic recipe is incredibly simple, add plenty of ice to a glass, pour over your favourite tonic water, followed by a double espresso or some cold brew coffee. It sounds unusual, but it works a treat. You can get creative with the basic recipe by adding lemon, lime… a sprig of rosemary?

5. Rose Petal Beetroot Latte

Those who explore the depths of the Black Cab Coffee menu will come across this unlikely sounding gem of a coffee. It’s how a latte would look through rose tinted shades. Beetroot powder, edible rose petals and vanilla syrup to give this coffee its fantastically pink colour and luxurious taste. It’s at the accessible end of the unusual coffee drink spectrum!

It’s not only a great looker, the flavours combine delightfully, adding a silkiness to the frothy coffee. It also makes a great photo for Instagram! If you are looking for something new in your coffee loving life, be sure to add: ‘drink a rose petal beetroot latte at Black Cab Coffee in Battersea’ to your to-do list! 

Coffee Drink

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