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How to find good coffee in London

Coffee in London

Though the streets are lined with Starbucks, Costa and crap coffee joints, don’t despair. If you have made it to this page, you probably already know that Black Cab Coffee is a fantastic independent coffee shop in London. Check out our cafe page here. But are we part of a dying breed? Anyway, that’s quite enough bigging ourselves up! What about the others?

With a wave of coffee shop closures due to Covid-19, we thought it a good idea to explore the tops ways for you to find quality local coffee shops in London and the rest of the UK. Are you ready to support local businesses and discover some hidden coffee shop gems? Let’s get into in!

1. London in Coffee

First up is a beautifully photographic website called London In Coffee. The website offers a selection of hand-picked coffee shops which should appeal to the discerning coffee lover. Light on text, the website is concise in pointing out the strong points of each coffee destination. Besides the lovely photos, you will find maps, sitelinks and the Google rating for each venue. Absolutely worth checking out. Visit the London In Coffee Website here

2. Coffee Stops

Coffee Stops

Coffee stops has a small but well-chosen selection of coffee spots around the UK. They aim to support local coffee shops and coffee roasters through their listing. Perhaps a coffee tour of the UK visiting all of them is in order! First stop the website here

3. Black Cab Coffee Picks

Let’s make the most of this opportunity to point you towards a few of our personal favourites in your quest to find good coffee shops in London:

  • Blank in Brixton – Great spot for a light brunch on the sidewalk. The unique selling point of this place is that you can pick up everything from a sausage and bacon sandwich to a tuna melt and (not mentioned on the menu) everything is vegan! Visit the Blank website here
  • Three Wheels Coffee – Located in London Bridge, Rory the owner makes a banging cup of coffee and is also a dab  hand at fixing coffee machines!
  • F***offee – This place deserves an honourable mention for what has to be the best coffee shop name of all time. Sadly, it has landed the owner in trouble and the sign has to be removed. What’s wrong with people nowadays?! Visit the website here but if you are easily offended don’t f****** bother.


Last but not least, if you are seeking some bounty on your coffee shop adventures, the RWRD app is just the ticket! Set up in 2019 by a couple of great coffee loving guys (Miles Bailey & Tim Silbermann), not only is it a wonderfully comprehensive source of independent coffee shops across the UK, all the businesses listed participate in the rewards scheme so you can grab stacks of freebies and special offers along the way. 

Highly recommended for any coffee lover (not just the thrifty ones!). Don’t forget that we use the RWRD app at Black Cab Coffee so if you want every 5th cup free download the app and get started. 

Visit the RWRD website here

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