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July 2020-07-21



Beyond the world of coffee & craft beer it’s certainly been an ‘interesting’ time in London lately. Covid-19 has presented a massive array of experiences for us and for our local community. I am both encouraged by people’s perseverance through difficult times and saddened by the further decline in our high streets. I see people adapting and changing how they do things. But I also see small businesses losing what they have worked so hard to achieve. The apparent distrust that some now have for one another and our motives for actions is on the rise. But, In time, I’m sure communities will rebuild and trust will be restored. 


Coffee Roasting

No Time Like The Present

Using the time as best as I can, I decided to take a long hard look at my coffee roasting processes. Questioning myself about what I do, what I know and most importantly what I don’t know. Roasting offers the opportunity to continually adapt, change and grow and this is a mantra of most parts of my life. So, I took to reading, I took to experimenting and I took to trying some new ideas so as not to be stuck in my old ways. 

What an invigorating process it is to learn! The roasting method I have developed is quicker, more consistent and has developed the flavours. Our already delicious coffee is moving into hitherto unachieved realms. I am so pleased with the roasts now. Always itching to get back to the roaster to create a new batch. 


Our new Head Barista Andrew and I are working together to broaden the range of coffees we offer, creating blends for milk & espresso and blends for filters as well as our range of single origins. Anal Beads All our coffees work well just on their own but some just cry out to be mixed and blended to create wonderful palettes of flavour. 


Mondo Beer at Black Cab Coffee

Craft Beer

I’ve always loved a good beer, sometimes a little too much it must be said. But, I’m a bit more measured now (most of the time). Although we already provide both coffee & craft beer, the time has come to up the beer game. We plan to incorporate craft beer into our offering both at the shop and as a mobile bar. We are working on cabs that can come to wherever you are to deliver draught beer, bottles, mini kegs and craft beer cans.  Also our very own beers are in the pipeline, so watch this space fellow beer lovers.

-Graham Buck, Head of Coffee

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