Brick Lane Coffee Blend


Blend: The Brick Lane Blend.
Varieties: 50% Brazil 50% El Salvador
Taste: You get sweetness & caramel from the Brazilian Coffee Beans and El Salvador adds fruitiness and body.

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The Brick Lane Coffee Blend. If there’s one coffee which defines The Black Cab Coffee Co. this is it. A spicy, strong coffee blend that brings you to your senses with a loving kick. It goes back to 2012 when we won a pitch for our coffee cab at the famous East London market.  The sight of coffee being served from a converted Black Cab has been one of the most eye-catching features at this melting pot of London culture. Pretty much every passer-by is stopped in their tracks, bewildered, entertained, they snap a quickie for Instagram. But it’s those who stop for a cup of coffee who discover what we are really about.

“OMG this is amazing!” is the typical response to the first sip. 

Thanks to the classic Italian Lever Press machine, a quality coffee grinder and its (somewhat) talented baristas, our fame grew not just because of the cab, but because we were making ‘proper decent espresso mate’!

How did we get to this particular coffee blend? 

It’s essentially two of our most loved single origin coffees melded together so that one improves the other. The definition of a good coffee and a good team. Brazilian coffee beans tend to be lower grown with fewer marked characteristics of their own. Roasting them light is generally like looking for a black cat in a dark room, it just isn’t there in terms of flavour. The answer is to go a little darker with them so that they pick up interesting roast qualities. Caramels, dark chocolates and body. El Salvador coffee is a higher grown bean with floral tones, fruitiness and great spiciness but in an espresso situation, can lack a bit of body. Put them both together and boom; a coffee party in your mouth.

To experience the Brick Lane Coffee Blend in all its glory, there’s no real substitute for heading down to the market on a Sunday and finding us! If that’s out of the question, you can enjoy really great coffee at home with this blend. Ideally with an espresso maker, but it tastes fantastic with all the coffee brewing methods we’ve tried.  

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 20 cm
Grind options

Espresso, Filter, Wholebean


1kg, 250g, 500g

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