The Mayfair Coffee Blend


Blend: The Mayfair Blend.
Varieties: 50% Brazil 30% Colombia 20% El Salvador
Roast: City Roast
Taste: It’s subtle & sweet from the Brazilian coffee beans, rich from the Colombian and smooth from the El Salvador.

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The Mayfair speciality coffee blend. A combination of high-end, specialty grade coffees combining to make an incredible cup flavour and mouthfeel. 

Why ‘The Mayfair’ Specialty Coffee Blend?

At our shop in Battersea, we look out over the river to see our friends North of the river. Our adventures in the Coffee Cab have taken us all over London and Covent Garden in particular where we performed our photo shoots of our old Austin Black Cab. The beans in the Mayfair Specialty Coffee blend are suitably refined, delicious and create a luxury coffee worthy of the title.

Why Brazilian Coffee Beans?

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee on the planet. At the time of writing it produces 1/3 of the entire coffee beans in the world. So, it’s a safe bet that coffee roasters will be able to get hold of some Brazilian beans to create their coffee.

Aside from the quantity, what qualities do Brazilian coffee beans have that make them popular?

We buy rainforest alliance certified coffee. This coffee grower certification ensures that all our coffee beans from Brazil meet rigorous standards of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.  As a result, we are supporting coffee growers who are running their business the right way. That’s reason one. Reason two (of many others that I don’t have space for) is that the coffee is generally lower in acidity than other coffees. Higher acidity coffees are generally higher grown in mountainous regions. Therefore, it’s the lower grown Brazilian bean that gives blended coffees more of the milk & dark chocolate as well as nutty flavours and smoothness. This allows characteristics from higher grown coffees to have a good grounding in a speciality coffee blend. It enables them to shine by giving them more depth and body.

What roast level are the coffee beans?

The Mayfair blend is roasted to city roast level. This is to create the most balanced coffee flavour between acidity of the beans, smoothness and body for the coffee. City roast is popular for espresso as well as city+ roast. When the beans pass beyond first crack, stopping the roast just before second crack, or when a few of the beans are just starting to pass into second crack. I guess you could call it a medium roast coffee because the beans are a medium brown colour. Lighter than the coffee you see in Starbucks machines.

Erm, Grey, what’s first and second crack? 

‘Crack’ is what coffee roasters listen for, anticipate. The roast is set up to either stretch out or extend or as a marker for the roast level they are aiming for. All stages of the roast are important but I guess you could call the ‘crack’ the benchmark for the coffee development. Crack is simply the gases that are trapped inside the coffee bean escaping after building up in pressure. The release of this pressure results in a cracking sound. The roaster then measures development against the overall time of the roast to get an idea of the development percentage. As a rule of thumb, I aim for about 25% of overall roast time for development. This generally takes my beans somewhere approaching city roast. See above for what I mean by City Roast.

What type of coffee making equipment is this suitable for?

It makes a fantastic espresso, a delicious cafetière, or a wicked French Press Coffee. I know because I use this blend a lot a home when I’m having a freshly baked croissant or a cheeky bit of Nutella on sourdough toast. Nice one…



Weight 250 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 20 cm
Grind options

Espresso, Filter, Wholebean


1kg, 250g, 500g

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