Speciality Coffee Beans. Quality Tea. Equipment. Training.

High quality, delicious and responsibly sourced & freshly roasted coffee for your coffee shop or business.

Black Cab Coffee can help you by supplying you with Excellent, Independent and Ethical, Fresh Coffee Beans. We roast in small batches, keeping the roasts fresher for the consumer and for your business.

Whether you are a café, restaurant, hotel or office, we recognise that the fresher the coffee, the better the customer feels about your coffee.

We can supply you with wholesale coffee beans, espresso & coffee equipment, full training and support.


We can also train baristas, support your growing need for coffee and show you the coffee roasting process in action

We can offer thorough barista training at our location or yours, provide you with support for your machinery and help to take your coffee making to the next level by training staff with full knowledge of the coffee beans and the process of extracting the best flavour on your equipment.

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