The Black Cab Coffee Year In Photos

Another year is just about to roll on by and we thought it would be nice to take a stroll down memory lane via some photographs, especially those images which missed the social media boat.

Colombian Coffee

2021 began as all good years should begin, with the arrival of fresh coffee. This attractive sack found its way over from Colombia. If you are keen to know more about this gorgeous coffee, you can read about it here

Throughout the year, the Battersea dream team: Ashwin, Emmy & Aliya, (along with others) have kept the Battersea coffee shop full of smiles, great food, fantastic drinks and plenty of laughs. 

Meanwhile, Grey has continued his adventures into coffee. Ever exploring, here he was brewing cold brew coffee, deep in the jungle, by the river Thames. 

A new addition to the team, Hassan, prefers to stay out of the limelight, but his baking speaks for itself. Delectable fruit cakes. Yuuuum!

When The Latin Collective made another appearance at Black Cab Coffee, we played host to the year’s best dance moves. Was that Black Cab Coffee in Battersea or Havana?! Here’s to more local dance events next year.

Armed with an obscene amount of Baller Vodka and a cocktail making gang, we headed down to the Henley Festival. This year’s innovation was the Black Cab Espresso Martini on tap.  Yes, Draught Espresso Martini! And a fine job it did of getting the revellers revved up. What better way to enjoy a Sophie Ellis Bexter disco than sitting down with a martini?! Here Grey demonstrates an alternative way to make an espresso martini using a cafetiere.

What a sausage sandwich that was. Highlight of the year? It was for me. Caramelised onions, melted cheese, the now legendary bread baked in house. Speaking of which…

The sourdough bread is still on the rise! Going from strength to strength, it’s the backbone to many a great brunch. Long may this bread baking and eating last!

No Black Cab Coffee photo collection would be complete without the obligatory dog pic! Why? Well, it could be the proximity to Battersea Dog’s Home, or just the fact that dogs are great. Woof!

Partying into the night to celebrate our beloved coffee shop regular Camilla’s birthday. Remember that our venues, mobile bars, and coffee cabs are all available for private hire. Stonking good parties, events, and more! Check out more of what’s possible here

And so to the future… Big things are afoot in Bromley. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in the New Year when we open Black Cab Coffee in Bromley

Last but not least! Cheers to good health and a wonderful New Year! Let’s make more great memories in 2022. 

-The Black Cab Team

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