Colombian Coffee Beans

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Freshly Roasted Colombian Caturra & Castillo Coffee Beans
Varieties: Caturra & Castillo
Processing: Fully washed & sun dried
Altitude: 1,400 to 1,800 metres above sea level
Country: Colombia

Our Single Origin Colombia Coffee Beans. A real fruity coffee but with spice and body too. You will taste spiced fruit, plums and zesty notes making a powerful, full bodied espresso or a delicious well rounded cafetiere. I look forward to when we have this on for espresso.

"I love this one" - Grey - Head Roaster

Located in the region of Cundinamarca, part of Colombia’s Central Cordillera, Viotá is a community that heavily relies on coffee production as its major output. So much so, the town holds the annual ‘Festival de la Cultura Cafetera’, celebrating their proud history in coffee production.

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