Rwanda Coffee Beans


Taste: Black cherry, vanilla, white chocolate, raspberry
Variety: 100% Bourbon
Altitude: 1,900 metres above sea level
Roast: City Plus

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Rwanda coffee beans join the Black Cab Coffee family!

Rwanda Red Bourbon Beans are in relatively short supply, so we are delighted to be a supplier of this high-quality coffee. Well established Red Bourbons make up 95% of the coffee plants in Rwanda. The benefits of a high grown Red Bourbon are totally worth taking the time to care for the delicate plants.  

Why is high grown coffee better?

Growing at a particularly high altitude ensures the coffee plants develop slowly, allowing time for complex sugars to form. The dense, high grown coffee arrives at Black Cab Coffee, London, as green beans.

How to roast coffee beans from Rwanda?

With a mix of knowledge and experimentation, our coffee roaster Grey has devised a roast profile to bring out their inherent sweetness and wonderful fruitiness. Opting for a darker city roast has brought out more body and depth to the coffee. You can read more about that in our blog.

What’s the best way to brew Rwanda coffee?

We’ve been really excited in the shop using this coffee for espresso and in a French press. Whatever your preferred coffee brewing method you can be confident of great flavour. 

How does Rwanda coffee taste?

At the fantastic moment when you open the pack you’ll be immersed in delicious aroma. You might pick out notes of black cherry, white chocolate, raspberry and vanilla. We have fallen in love with this bean and feel it has the potential to become a firm favourite of yours too. 

Giving something back to Rwanada…

You may have noticed a Silverback Gorilla on the new label. In Rwanda, gorillas are protected and populations are beginning to rise, but they are still on the endangered animals list with a population of only 1000 in the wild. Because of this, we have decided to donate 5% of the sales profit from these beans to the Dian Fossey organisation.  The charity is dedicated to protecting these magnificent animals and their habitats.
We encourage you to take an interest in this cause, starting with their website here

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 20 cm
Grind options

Espresso, Filter, Wholebean


1kg, 250g, 500g

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