Ethiopian Coffee Beans


Freshly Roasted Heirloom Bianco Gotete Coffee Beans

Varieties: Heritage Gedeo
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2,000 to 2,100 metres above sea level
Country: Ethiopia


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Ethiopian coffee beans are the origin of coffee drinking and the source of plants grown now around the coffee belt. It is the home of coffee beans, and for that matter home to some of the most exquisitely flavoured coffee beans on the market. This natural Kochere Banco Gotete lot is from micro producers in the Yirgacheffe region that grow on small farms with multiple crops. The coffee is dried on African Beds. No chemicals are used on this coffee.

What does this coffee taste like?

Banco Gotete is a micro lot, high quality, very high Q score Ethiopia Coffee Beans which create an amazing beverage any time of day. A bright, vibrant, high grown and aromatic coffee bean  You will taste Strawberry laces & blueberries with a creamy finish…A sublime coffee which is excellent in all settings but can really be enjoyed in a filter, drip or a Chemex.

We use this as espresso in the shop on a slightly darker roast.

Where is the coffee grown?

Grown at over 2000 metres above sea level means this coffee has bright, fruity flavours like cherry and apricot. It is selectively hand-picked before being delivered to collection points, usually within 10 km of the producers’ homes. Once the beans are delivered, great care & pride is taken to separate out any overripe, underripe or damaged beans. The coffee beans are consolidated with other lots for the road to the wet mill.

Harvesting the coffee cherry occurs in November & December during the harvest season after which coffee is delivered to the mill, at least once a day. Drying the beans occurs on African beds under a canopy after delivery and sorting.  The parchment is then turned regularly and protected from hot sun to protect the beans from burning. If the climate is mild it may be delivered to the beds to dry under sun. To reach optimal humidity it remains here for around 23 days. Then it is bagged and rested.


Weight 250 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 20 cm
Grind options

Espresso, Filter, Wholebean


1kg, 250g, 500g

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