Head Roaster Grey

I’ve been involved in coffee for years but it’s roasting that has really captured my imagination. 

Graham Buck

Head of Coffee

More about Grey

How did you get into the industry?

I kind of fell into the roasting side. I found a shop in Battersea with a roaster and got very excited. So we moved in and it went from there. Before that, I was barista-ing in shops & in the cabs and nurturing my love of coffees and their flavours. 

What's your view of the secret of roasting? Is it art or science?

I prefer to say art because as much as I respect the science and measurement aspect, I think the magic of what happens with the process is kind of lost. I’m in love with the art of it, not the measurement of it. 

When did you discover roasting?

Depends how you mean. For myself, I discovered it when I had kind of gotten to the end of the curve for preparing drinks. The next logical step was to start looking into the bean production aspect. So, it grew from there. It gets to you, roasting. 

What keeps you interested and passionate about coffee?

There’s so much of it. So many beans, so many variations, the peace and tranquillity of the process (I often roast early in the morning after a quiet ride into work on my Triumph), the focus, the reward, the flavour, the excitement of people trying the coffee, the ‘where next’ aspect is really exciting. 

Who taught you?

I largely taught myself with the wealth of information available online, though books and from either burning beans or under roasting them until I got them ‘right’ by my own definition.

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