Black Cab Coffee Co Playlists

Ever wondered what that great tune playing in the background was as you sip on your cup of Brick Lane Coffee Blend? Black Cab Coffee Co Playlists are the eclectic mixes of music that you can hear over the sound system at both our Nine Elms coffee shop and (will soon be hearing) at the exciting new Black Cab Coffee Bromley venue. 

In this blog post we will be taking a stroll back through the archives, picking out some of the highlights from the 60 Spotify playlists so far in the collection. If you are a music fan and like it diverse, you are in the right place!

What's that sound?

When it comes to the musical philosophy behind the playlists, it’s not quite anything goes. We try to steer the track selection to something loosely within the bounds of acceptable coffee shop music, without drifting into wishy-washy elevator music! Mixing old classics with fresh new tunes. Soul, house, pop, disco, funk, classical, world, and hip-hop are but a few of the sounds blending together into our own recognisable sound.

Back To The Roots...

The first ever Black Cab Playlist way back when! This is how it all began, Taj Mahal to Naughty Boy, a short but sweet little journey through blues to pop music, with a little bit of jazz thrown in. A blueprint of things to come. Have a listen… enjoy!

Try This On For Size!

open playlist

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but this playlist contains 44 tracks of pure listening joy. Not a filler in sight! Moving through chilled beats with legends like Bonobo, The Cinematic Orchestra and Aim. There was even a belter of a new song from Chaka Khan. If you missed this playlist the first time, now is the time… 

Some of the playlists were created in homage to famous club music compilations, no prizes for guessing where the inspiration for this Ibiza infused series of blissed out grooves comes from!

Cafe Del Car

The Buddha Barista

Similarly you might recognise the vibes of these suave chilled beats of a global nature.

It’s not only been Spotify playlists, we also have a collection of DJ sets on Mixcloud from a variety of guest DJs. If you are down for something a little more upbeat then this gloriously funky set house grooves form Hayley ‘Hotlips’ Harrision should tickle your fancy!

We hope have enjoyed this little foray into the bottomless world of Black Cab Coffee Playlists. If you want to explore the depths of the collection follow the hashtag #bcccplaylist on Instagram where you will find the archives and all the fresh ones as soon as they come out. Enjoy!

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